Get Ready to Prepare Your House for Sale

Putting your house up for sale is not quite as easy as it sounds. There are many things you need to do before your house is actually listed for sale by a real estate agent. Of course there are the obvious repairs required to sell a home, however it’s the little things that are overlooked more times than not. A homebuyer is going to be looking at the little things too, and they matter. It may seem like getting your home ready for sale is difficult, but it is totally worth it when the final closing is completed.

De-Clutter and Reduce the Amount of Furniture

When people walk through a home for sale they need to be able to see the floors, walls, and countertops. This calls for major de-cluttering for some people. You’ll need to remove piles of magazines, newspapers, bills, or any other type of miscellaneous junk that normally piles up. If you have any extraneous furniture that should also be removed so people find it easy to navigate your home. This gives them the opportunity to physically experience a home.

Clean from Bottom to Top

The truth is a thoroughly clean home is more likely to sell than a home that is dirty. This calls for a cleaning job from top to bottom, and includes the exterior and interior too. If your budget can handle it, it is beneficial to hire professional cleaners to come in and clean extensively. This will give you the best opportunity to sell your house. Houses that are spotless tend to sell better, however it needs to stay spotless throughout showings too.

Remove Your Personal Items

Part of selling a home is making it look appealing to buyers. When you remove your personal items it gives a potential buyer the ability to envision themselves in the home. You do not want your house to look lived in at this point. Remove any family pictures, or possessions that may distract a buyer. Just remember the more generic you can make it look; the more appealing it is when trying to sell it.

Tidy Up Closets and Cabinets

People that are seriously considering buying a home want to look inside closets and cabinets. It is important to them to see the amount of space available so they can envision putting their own belonging in those spaces. When you keep closets and cabinets neat and tidy, it makes for a more enjoyable walk-through. Consider doing the same to the refrigerator if it is staying with the house.

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